Richard Trythall

 If you are here, you are most likely interested in music - perhaps in some  area in  which I too am interested and in which I have been active - as a  composer, as a  pianist or as both:                            

    "new romantic" piano music

        electronic music (tape music)

             avant-garde instrumental music

                  the piano music of Charles Ives

                       the piano music of "Jelly Roll" Morton

                              Christmas music for Youth Chorus 


This web site has been constructed to provide information for those who have come across my work in any of these areas and who might wish to know more about it. There are numerous musical examples available as MP3 files and there are several videos of my work, both as pianist and composer, available on YouTube. Some of the recordings on this site are "Historical Recordings". These recordings are not of the highest sound quality, but they nevertheless serve to document a period of my work. Others are recordings from recent live performances and still others are taken from CD's which are available commercially. The older examples have been incorporated into a Musical Tour which briefly covers the chronological development of my work over the past fifty years. The commercially available recordings can also be accessed from within this Tour or directly through the Recordings pages. More recent examples of my work as pianist and as composer can be found in Recent Performances and Recent Compositions while a comprehensive index of the materials available on this site, as well as on YouTube, will be found in the Table of Contents.

        Table of Contents
         Musical Tour
             Commercial Recordings as Pianist
           Commercial Recordings of Compositions
            Commercial Recordings as Composer-Pianist
                  Miscellaneous Commercial Recordings
               Recent Documentary Recordings of Performances
                Recent Compositions
                          Reviews as Pianist

                   Reviews of Compositions
                    List of Compositions
                     Piano Repertoire and Programs
                      Curriculum Vitae
Updated: Febuary 26, 2020