Mirage for Two

Music for Two Pianos

Mirage for Two is an adaptation for two pianos of five pieces taken from Mirage: Reflections and Visions - a suite of eight solo piano pieces composed in the late 1980s for my own use in concerts. (Mirage red bar program notes.) The adaptation was made in 2015 and is approximaterly 17 minutes long. While the original piano works remain substantially intact in this adaptation, they are distributed between the two pianos in antiphonal dialogue and new musical material is introduced effecting a number of significant changes texturally and harmonically. Essentially the two piano format allows an orchestral-like density which, though this density is implied in the original solo works, can now be manifested. It maintains the accessibility of the original music while clearly projecting a textural dimension (heavily influenced by my earlier experience in the "tape studio") which could only be suggested by a solo piano. The two largest pieces, "River" and "Clouds," are descriptive compositions which particularly benefitted from having an extra two hands to help in duplicating the infinite rhythmic variety of liquid in motion. The river in particular gets a little out of hand as it moves toward the falls but, hopefully, pianists will enjoy the journey nonetheless.

 1. A Distant Time 

2. River

3. Epiphany

4. Clouds

5. Aria


YouTube Video: Richard Trythall, pianos  (complete video with score)

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