Richard Trythall, pianist


Frankfurter Neue Presse, September 1, 1969:  ...brilliant dexterity and concept of form...

Darmstädter Echo, September 1, 1969:  Behind Trythall's apparent objectivity, the rhythmical precision and detailed shading, an intelligent and controlled passion  is exceptionally talented pianist

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 1, 1969: Particularly noteworthy was the delicately shaded outlining of the composition structure... and the extremely precise pianistic technique of Trythall...

Melos, October 1969: ...Interpretively at the highest level...technically brilliant

Darmstädter Tagblatt, September 1, 1969: ...the richly shaded dynamics and the transparency of his interpretation gave this performance character.

Le Monde, September 6, 1969: ..the American virtuoso was excellent

Lo Spettatore Musicale, 1969: interpreter of the highest level

Giornale di Bergamo, June 11, 1970:   A great pianist and a solid guarantee of accurate interpretation.

Giornale di Brescia, June 12, 1970: ...authentic bravura, strong dramatic sense and exceptional memory

Il Gazzetino di Venezia, June 7, 1971:  One listens in amazement to a musical drama which alternates cyclonic violence with impressionistic fluidity. Richard Trythall's performance was masterful.

La Nazione, Florence-Perugia, December 13, 1972: Trythall's performance was impeccable, with conviction and warmly applauded.

The Buffalo Evening News, April 6, 1972: ... staggering performance . .. incredible power and dazzling technique ..The standing, cheering ovation at the close was well deserved.

Buffalo Courier Express, April 6, 1973:  His strength in holding the musical energy in rein without subduing the free spirit was remarkable ...revelatory.... The audience stood for the pianist and delivered bravos.

La Stampa, June, 1973:  We must now immediately list Trythall, along with David Tudor, with Canino himself, and with Pollini, as one of the greatest interpreters of contemporary piano music. (Massimo Mila)

Giornale di Brescia, June 7, 1973:  With his impeccable, transcendental technique, powerful control, solid touch, refined melodic projection, and his unerring sense of a logical musical discourse, he is simply formidable.

Corriere della Sera,  June 7, 1973:   Trythall performed with considerable interpretive powers...

La Repubblica, 1981:     His interpretations of Ives are unforgettable

Il Tempo, June 17, 1982:  ...a  remarkably excellent performing ability

Il Tempo D'Abruzzo, August 13, 1983: ..extraordinary security and objective precision ...  impetuous yet controlled spirit and clarity

La Repubblica, November 1, 1983:   Bravo as ever

L'Unità, September 14, 1984: ...extraordinary pianist and composer.

Pianotime, June, 1985: ...outstanding interpretive powers - refined and incisive.

Suono, April, 1987:  All of this performed with a superb touch and a sharp ear for musical spacing.

Il Messagero, August 7, 1987:  ...spectacular and technically brilliant as ever.

Il Giornale di Napoli, September 18, 1987: of the finest pianists of today.

L'Unità, November 21, 1987:    A phenomenal pianist, a pillar of the new music culture.

Pianotime, January, 1988:  ...a pianist with ideas and very sensitive hands

Il Messagero, May 8, 1989: ...a Gershwin of the most technically prepared and refined interpreters of American contemporary music

L'Unità, December 10, 1992: ...the transcendental was miraculously revealed by Trythall's sound - intense and gloriously unrestrained

Il Messagero, December 13, 1992:  ... excellent... naturalness of technique and phrasing

Amadeus, March, 1993: ...exceptional interpretation... profound knowledge and comprehension of Ives' most intimate musical and poetic values

Il Tempo, November 3, 1996: ... incomparable performances

Fanfare, January 13, 1997 (CD of Ives: Concord Sonata):    ...a stunning rendition , with special command of its daunting rhythmic complexities, and especially, the frequent flashes of brilliant humor... This superb new production allows us to judge the great American original on his own terms.

American Record Guide, Jul/Aug 1997 (CD of Ives: Concord Sonata): ... impulsive and improvisatory, not the wellgroomed concert-hall pianist of the MarcAndre Hamelin variety (New World)... There is a disarming simplicity here to remind you of 19th Century American folk art. I will never give up Hamelin's glorious, tear-inducing concert-hall rendition of the Concord, but I'll be keeping Trythall's very different performance as well... In fact, it's something of a tribute to this recording that you are never quite sure what direction the music will take, no matter how many times you hear it! 

Black in Radio (Internet station), May 2002  (CD of Piano Music by Jelly Roll Morton):  ... up to now, no one has dared to record 17 works by Jelly Roll Morton, transcribed note by note from the original recording. It required the patience and mastery of the American pianist Richard Trythall to take up this authentic challenge... The pieces, performed brilliantly and impeccably by Trythall, are truly beautiful... our applause for an undertaking which makes known to all - inside and outside of jazz - the gigantic stature of Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton. (Luigi Onori)

Knoxville News Sentinel, April 28, 2002 (CD of Piano Music by Jellly Roll Morton):...a painstakingly accurate recreation....Trythall plays all the pieces with a sensitive and loving touch. Morton's music could be in no better hands.

Sistema Musica, Turin, Italy July 2002 (CD of Piano Music by Jellly Roll Morton):...The result is remarkable: it brings alive the unbridled virtuosity of Jelly Roll Morton, the nuances of his performance, the wealth of his expression as performed on a modern, scintillating piano which bursts forth from the recording energetically.


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