Miscellaneous Commercial Recordings

Richard Trythall, composer


Music "In the Style of"


Ragged Times

Music by Richard Trythall: Suite: Seven Popular American Piano Styles ca. 1920-1940 (Frisky Lady, Hug Me Tight, Marisella, Uptown Blues, Take It In Stride Blues, Thinking of You, Jacksboro Boogie)


Popular American and European musical styles of the 1920’s-1940’s

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excerpt: Frisky Lady





Music by Richard Trythall: Suite: Five African-American Piano Styles (Adele's Boogie Woogie, Gospel Road, Pine Rag, Sad Talk Blues, Black Key's Rag) as well as work by Fabio Fabor.

Richard Trythall, piano. Fabio Fabor: Tangos. Fabio Fabor, piano. Sabely: Operetta Scenes. Richard Trythall, piano. Minstrel BAM BCD 2128 (CD)

Edizioni Musicali Minstrel

excerpt: Black Key's Rag  Mp3 (935K)

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Music from St. Stephen's School in Rome

Music by Richard Trythall: A Christmas Cantata, for four part youth chorus and instruments, Dowland, Des Pres, Purcell and others. St. Stephen's School Chorus. St. Stephen's School in Rome: S.S. 2001 (CD)

Liner Notes for CD


 Mary's Lullaby from A Chistmas Cantata  Mp3 (657K)

A Christmas Cantata Mp3  (Complete 20 minute performance)



                                                                                       Music from St. Stephen's School in Rome

    DVD of First Performance of Richard Trythall's The Education of Ebenezer Scrooge 

(December 12, 2007)

 02. Oh, Oh, Mister Scrooge(29MB)  


 First Performances at Villa Lante (Live recordings from "L'Orecchio di Giano" concerts)


     Doretta's Dream - Duet: Prunier and Magda  Mp3 (complete) Margherita Pace, soprano, Luigi Petroni, Tenor, Alberto Galletti, piano 


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