Commercial Recordings of Compositions

Richard Trythall, composer


Naumburg Recording Award Winners

Music by Richard Trythall: Coincidences for piano, Richard Trythall, piano). Mario Davidovsky: Inflexions. Tison Street: String Quartet. Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI SD 305 (LP)


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Sheet Music: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni



 Coincidences for piano  Mp3   (Complete)

For more examples of 'sixties avant-garde music see the Musical Tour p. 1


Players and Tape

Music by Richard Trythall: Variations on a Theme by Haydn for woodwind quintet and tape (Dorian Woodwind Quintet), Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis, for Stereo tape. Randall McClellan: Music of the Spheres and Processional. Joseph Hudson, Sonare. Composers Recording, Inc. : CRI SD 382 (LP and Cassette)


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 Variations on a Theme by Haydn for woodwind quintet & tape  Mp3  (Complete)



BBC Review, Experimental Music, 2005 (Peter Marsh) ... if you're in the market for a handy audio guide to the possibilities of magnetic tape, a splicing block and a fertile imagination, this is the one for you.                        

Six Classic Concrete, Electroacoustic and Electronic Works1970-1990

Music by Richard Trythall: Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis, John Oswald: Parade, Georg Katzer: Aide Memoire, Lutz Glandien: Es Lebe, Steve Moore: A Quiet Gathering, Jaroslav Krcek: Sonaty Slavickove'. RéR Megacorp: RéR CMCD (CD) Re-issued in 2005

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Available from: RéR Megacorp 




Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis for tape Mp36.17MB (complete )            

YouTube Video with score of Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis

For more examples of "musique concrète" see also the Musical Tour p. 2



Percussion music by Richard Trythall: Bolero, Alfred Schnittke: Percussion Quartet, Percussion Art Quartett: X-Pression, Peter Sculthorpe: Sun Song, Armin Welgert: stick attack. percussion art quartett. Thorofon Records, CTH 2290 (CD)

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Available from: Amazon, iTunes

Sheet Music: Steve Weiss Music


Audition and Download this CD directly from Apple iTunes      

excerpt: Bolero for four percussionists  Mp3 (1MB)

(a complete performance of an earlier version of Bolero is available on the Program Notes page)

YouTube Video of a performance of Bolero by the Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble 


                                                         Commercial Recordings as Composer-Pianist


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