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Richard Trythall, composer-pianist

Biographical material
Curriculum vitae   versione italiana
Richard Trythall and Italy    versione italiana
Musical Tour p. 1 1960s  (a chronological "musical biography" using musical examples gathered from 1959 to the present.)
Musical Tour p. 2 1970s
     Musical Tour p. 3 1980 - 1991

Musical Tour p. 4 1991 - 2004
List of activity as jury member, international composition and performance competitions

Career Material
     Commercial Recordings as Pianist
Commercial Recordings of Compositions 
Commercial Recordings as Composer-Pianist
Miscellaneous Commercial Recordings 

Recent Documentary Recordings of Performances
Recent Compositions
Reviews as Pianist
Reviews of Compositions
Repertoire as Pianist
Example Programs as Pianist

     List of Compositions

Writings about American music
"The Piano Music of Charles Ives"
"On the Transcription and Performance of J. R. Morton's piano music"  (versione italiana)
"Jelly Roll Blues - Observations on Performance Practice"  
"Introductory notes for the CD: The Piano Music of Jelly Roll Morton" 
"Saturday night, Sunday morning"      (versione italiana)
"From Rags to Boogie Woogie"         (versione italiana)
"Anglo-Celtic music in the United States"  (versione italiana)
     "Tendenze della Musica Pianistica Americana nel XX Secolo"
     "A History of the Rome Prize in Music Composition, 1947 - 2006" (University of Rochester Press, 2014)

Program Notes and Supporting Materials for Original compositions 
Coincidences for piano 
Arabesque 2 for piano
Parts Unknown for piano 
Bolero for four percussionists
Verse, Multimedia event for slides, film and tape
 Suite "Quattro Esercizi di Fantasia" for amplified harpsichord and pre-recorded sound
Variations on a Theme by F. J. Haydn for woodwind quintet and tape 
 Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis for stereo tape
Salute to the '50's for solo percussion and tape
          Penelope's Monologue for Soprano and Orchestra
          Ballad for Piano and Orchestra
Mirage: Reflections and Visions for piano 
Mirage for Two
Sweet, Sweet Memories for four percussionists 
Recital for piano
Continuums for Orchestra
A Christmas Cantata for Youth Chorus
          The Education of Ebenezer Scrooge for Youth Chorus
Doretta's Dream: Duet Magda and Prunier

Additional materials
Knoxville Music History Mural (explanation) 
 Letter to the editor: David Van Vactor
          Electronic Studio in 1970's (description)

          Marcello Piras: Essay for the CD, Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton Piano Music
          Complete Sheet music for transcription of Jelly Roll Morton's "Jelly Roll Blues"
          Excerpt from Video A proposito di Lucio Battisti featuring Marisa Patulli


 Commercial CD Recordings

Commercial Recordings as Pianist
The Piano Music of Charles Ives (CD)
The Piano Music of Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton (CD)

Commercial Recordings of Instrumental and/or Electronic Compositions
Variations on a Theme by F. J. Haydn, for woodwind quintet and tape (LP)  
Coincidences for piano (LP)

Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis, for tape (LP, CD)
Bolero for four percussionists (CD)

Commercial Recordings as Composer-Pianist
Solo Piano (LP)

Out of Bounds (CD)
Parts Unknown (CD)

Miscellaneous Commercial Recordings
     A Christmas Cantata for youth chorus, narrator and instruments (CD)
     The Education of Ebenezer Scrooge for Soloists, Chorus, Narrator and Readers (DVD)

     Five Pieces for piano in African American Musical Styles (CD)

     Seven Pieces for piano in Popular American styles ca.1920-1940 (CD)


Press reaction
Reviews of compositions
Reviews of performances as pianist
     Complete Reviews of CD recordings as pianist:
The Music of Charles Ives: Fanfare Magazine, American Record Guide
The Music of "Jelly Roll" Morton: Knoxville News Sentinel
     The Music of "Jelly Roll" Morton: Black in Radio, Internet Radio (versione italiana)
The Music of "Jelly Roll" Morton: "Sistema Musica", Turin, Italy (versione italiana)

Commercial and Documentary Recordings available on site and/or YouTube

Recordings as pianist

    Twentieth Century American Popular Piano Music:

            Scott Joplin 
Maple Leaf Rag           YouTube video of performance 
Euphonic Sounds       YouTube video of performance
Solace                        YouTube video of performance 
Magnetic Rag
   Pineapple Rag
            YouTube video of performance 

           "Jelly Roll" Morton
Finger Buster
Grandpa's Spells
Jelly Roll Blues          YouTube video of performance 
Jungle Blues 
King Porter Stomp
               New Orleans Joys      YouTube video of performance
               Spanish Swat            YouTube video of performance

           George Gershwin
Rhapsody in Blue, solo version by Zizzo-Trythall   YouTube Video   YouTube Art Video:The Big Blue Line by Vladimir Vasicek Jr.     

           Zez Confrey
Dizzy Fingers             YouTube video of performance

           Meade Lux Lewis
               Honky Tonk Train Blues  YouTube video of performance

          Chick Corea
               Children's Songs 1-20      YouTube Video

    Twentieth Century American and European Avant-Garde Piano Music:

          Charles Ives Sonata N. 2 "Concord", 2° movement: "Hawthorne"      YouTube: entire "Concord" Sonata, earlier recording

          Pierre Boulez First Sonata   YouTube Video

          Olivier Messiaen Ile de Feu N° 1  YouTube Video

          Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstück IX   YouTube Video

          Luciano Berio Sequenza IV  YouTube video of performance  

     Twentieth Century American Vocal Music in duo with Timothy Martin:

Lit'l Boy
Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child
          Songs by George Gershwin
I Got Rhythm
           Folk Songs arranged by Aaron Copland
Simple Gifts
I Bought Me a Cat

Recordings as pianist-composer Contemporary Classical (New Romantic) 

         A Song for You            YouTube video of performance
         Arabesque 1                YouTube video of performance
         Parting Thoughts        YouTube video of performance
    (From CD: “Out of Bounds” - Includes two LP’s from 1980's: Solo Piano and Mirage)  
 Solo                            YouTube video of performance
         Insieme                        YouTube video of performance
         Fantasy                        YouTube video of performance
         Arabesque 2                  YouTube video of performance

    Mirage                          YouTube Video: Mirage, entire performance

   Parts Unknown              YouTube Video: Parts Unknown, premiere performance, 1991
        Night Rider


   Mirage for Two              YouTube Video: Mirage for Two with score

Recordings of Instrumental and/or Electronic Compositions

          Theme and Variations for piano and orchestra  (complete Mp3)
Four Rilke Songs for soprano and piano  (complete Mp3)
    Composition for Piano and Orchestra  (complete Mp3)

Penelope's Monologue for soprano and orchestra   (complete Mp3) YouTube Video with text   
 Costruzione for Orchestra (complete Mp3)  
 Coincidences for piano solo (complete Mp3)

 Verse, Multimedia event for slides, film and stereo tape
 Suite "Quattro Esercizi in Fantasia" for amplified harpsichord and tape   (complete Mp3) YouTube Video
Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis for Tape (complete Mp3) YouTube video with score
Variations on a Theme by Haydn for woodwind quintet and tape (complete Mp3)
Bolero for four percussion  (complete Mp3) YouTube video: Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble
    Ballad for Piano and Orchestra  (complete Mp3) YouTube Video
Sweet, Sweet Memories for four percussionists  (complete Mp3) YouTube Video with score

Recordings of Miscellaneous Compositions (referencing various musical styles) 

   Music for Youth Chorus 
         "A Christmas Cantata," Complete PerformanceMary’s Lullaby

         “The Education of Ebenezer Scrooge”Roger de Coverley, 2 pianos/8 hands  You Tube Video excerpts of performance

   American Popular Piano Styles 
         Black Key’s Rag
 from Five Pieces in African-American Musical Styles
         Frisky Lady from Seven Pieces in Popular American Musical Styles ca. 1920-1940

    Operatic Duet 
         Doretta's Dream - Magda and Prunier for Soprano, Tenor and Piano (La Rondine)

   Brass Ensemble   Marisella You Tube Video, David Short Ensemble

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