Richard Trythall, pianist


Recent Performance Recordings ca. 2000 to present


   This page-in-progress is devoted to recordings made during recent concerts or in rehearsals for those concerts. All works are complete. These offer an additional view of my repertoire and of my recent work as a pianist.

The Music of George Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue

   I have played the Rhapsody in Blue many times - both with orchestra and in various solo versions. I am convinced that the solo version can display the merits of this work extremely well - perhaps even better than the band or orchestral versions which can distract one's attention from Gershwin's musical architecture. The following recording (complete) of the solo piano version (arr. Zizzo-Trythall), was made during a rehearsal prior to a performance (October 15, 2002) given in Rome at the Villa Taverna (the residence of the American Ambassador to Italy).

                       Rhapsody in Blue (solo versions):   Mp3(18,1 MB, Complete)

                       YouTube Video of recording of Rhapsody in Blue (solo version)

From Rags to Boogie Woogie


       These recordings were made following a concert I performed for the "Universita' degli Studi della Tuscia" at the Auditorium 'Santa Maria in Gradi', Viterbo, Italy, March 31, 2007. This is an excerpt of my "From Rags to Boogie Woogie" program and, in particular, illustrates my "take" on Joplin's music.

Scott Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag     Mp3(3,90 MB)

Scott Joplin: Euphonic Sounds   Mp3(3,80 MB)

Scott Joplin: Solace                      Mp3(7 MB)

Scott Joplin: Magnetic Rag          Mp3(4,50MB)

Zez Confrey: Dizzy Fingers          Mp3(2,40 MB)


YouTube Videos of a concert from 2011:

Jelly Roll Morton: Original Jelly Roll Blues, New Orleans Joys, Spanish Swat

Scott Joplin:  Euphonic Sounds, Pineapple Rag, Maple Leaf Rag, Solace, Elite Syncopations

Zez Confrey: Dizzy Fingers

Meade Lux Lewis: Honky Tonk Train


 Duo Timothy Martin, tenor, and Richard Trythall, pianist        


   In the course of my career, I have had the pleasure of accompanying a number of fine vocalists in music ranging from the standard repetoire (including an 8 concert marathon of Hugo Wolf''s marvelous lieder) through contemporary works. Recently I have done several concerts with a fine American tenor who is presently living in Italy, Timothy Martin. The following are excerpts from a concert we gave at the Villa Aurelia of the American Academy in Rome on July 12, 2005. The concert, dedicated to American Music, contained Spirituals, music by Geroge Gerswhin and Aaron Copland and piano solo works by "Jelly Roll" Morton. Some of the vocal selections from this live concert recording are found below:

Roland Hayes, Arr: Lit'l Boy     Mp3(3,6 MB)

H.T.Burleigh, Arr: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child   Mp3(2,9 MB)

George Gershwin: S'Wonderful     Mp3(2,4 MB)

George Gershwin: I Got Rhythm     Mp3(1,8 MB)

Aaron Copland: Simple Gifts (Folk Songs, Set 1)  Mp3(2,3 MB)

Aaron Copland: I Bought Me A Cat (Folk Songs, Set 1) Mp3(3 MB)


 Piano Music composed and performed by Richard Trythall


YouTube Videos from a concert performance given on February 16, 2011:

Music composed and performed by Richard Trythall: Solo, Fantasy, Arabesque 2, A Song for You, Insieme (Together), Parting Thoughts, Arabesque 1

YouTube Video of recording from concert given on December 10, 2012:

Music composed and performed by Richard Trythall: Mirage: Reflections and Visions

YouTube Video of a virtual recording of Mirage for Two, a two piano version of Mirage, 2015:

Music composed and performed by Richard Trythall: Mirage for Two


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