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          Throughout the remainder of the 90's, Trythall turned his attention towards a number of interrelated projects. As a pianist, his concerts were increasingly devoted to the American repertoire created by composers such as Ives, Cowell and Copland, but also "cross over" composers such as Scott Joplin, George Gershwin, Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett.

     Concerned with documenting his work as a pianist, he recorded a critically acclaimed CD of Charles Ives' piano music released in 1996.

    Charles Ives: Sonata N. 2 "Concord", "Hawthorne"  Mp3 (6.6MB)    YouTube Video of "Hawthorne"

The complete CD is available at: Amazon and can be downloaded from iTunes

     In the following 2 years, he re-transcribed, performed in concert and recorded 17 of "Jelly Roll" Morton's piano works.

     Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton: Finger Buster  Mp3 (1.4MB, Complete)

The complete CD is available at: CD Baby

     As a composer he wrote a series of African-American influenced works - transcribing recordings of Haitian drumming for prepared piano and creating a Suite of five works based on African-American keyboard styles which was recorded for Minstrel records under the title of Remember.

      In 2002 Trythall completed Out of Bounds, a CD containing "remixed" versions of piano music from the 80's.

    In 2004, Trythall completed a work for Xylophone, Vibraphone and Marimba. This percussion quartet, Sweet, Sweet Memories, is based on the popular song "Memories Are Made of This" which was co-authored in the '50s by Terry Gilkyson, Richard Dehr and Frank Miller (the "Easy Riders"). Formally this is a set of variations concluding with a free fantasy. Technically it is a virtuoso percussion work for mallet instruments. Emotionally it is a full scale tone poem which uses the repetitions and alterations of this well-known melody to trace the gradual evolution of love and fulfillment over a lifetime, coming full-circle to that final resort of happiness - that denial of the ticking clock on the wall: our memories.

Sweet, Sweet Memories: Mp3 (11 MB, Complete performance)



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